Traceability: Compliance and Risk Mitigation in Insect Farming

Traceability is an absolute must in the feed and food industry. And we are not just talking about compliance with government regulations, or being able to complete all the paperwork needed to operate your farm. Proper traceability of processes is essential to protecting your business and stakeholders from possible fraud and to minimize the risk of damaging and costly scandals. And of course, traceability ensures you can repeatedly deliver a consistent, high-quality, product.

Taking care of your product compliance systems requires your farm and staff to be diligent and precise about keeping all records and data up to date. If you are new to farming, you may not yet have an experience with the occasional fungus or salmonella outbreak or other accidents that can occur with your specific insect species. However, most farms experience issues with their insect farm production at some point, just like in all other types of more conventional farming. Good traceability processes will help you to manage and reduce the risk of this happening and will lead to lower costs in the long run. Not only that, but it will allow you to quickly identify potential causes of the issue and enable you to learn from it, thus preventing or reducing the risk of recurrences. 

Workflow Problem Sources

There are two main sources of problems that can occur in your workflows — issues caused by defects in your own process, or problems with the third-party materials you are using. To safeguard your farm, you will want to implement rigorous tracking of all purchased materials, at the batch level. In turn, this will enable you to identify the cause of issues should they happen, and quickly identify any other affected batches, so you can remove them from production and minimize the impact on your farm’s overall output.


Cogastro farm management software focuses on streamlining your time-consuming traceability process, in a user-friendly, accurate, data-driven way. In addition, using our software enables you to gather valuable performance data about your business, enabling you to keep your product and compliance standards high, and your risks low.

Being a successful, reliable partner and supplier is a lot easier if you have a professional software system in place, which confirms and assures the consistency and transparency of your production, and enables you to act quickly if, or when, issues arise.