Case study Tebrito

Case study: Tebrito

About Tebrito

Tebrito is one of the most successful EU based mealworm production and processing companies.

Tebrito started farming back in 2016, in order to provide solutions that solves the global protein challenge and to ensure sufficient quantities of more sustainable proteins for both feed and food industires. Compliance and assuring the highest quality standards is essential to Tebrito, and Cogastro is delighted to have been chosen to help achieve these goals.

Since Tebrito started to use the Cogastro platform, quite a few new features have been added, and existing ones adjusted to better fulfill their needs.

„Cogastro has been a game changer for Tebrito providing accuracy in feed monitoring, securing traceability, and planning daily work. “
Åsa Martén, Production & Quality / Co-founder at Tebrito


Scheduling Dashboard Adaptations

The Cogastro platform allows companies to streamline and structure their production and data gathering processes. It also facilitates workload management — allowing standard protocols to be assigned to employees easily through automated “To do list” generation. While Cogastro already had an option to set up a task’s frequency and recurrence flexibly, Tebrito needed to manage tasks on a changing, per-weekday basis.

Insect scheduling
Scheduling by weekdays


In response to Tebrito’s needs, new task timing options were added to the scheduling dashboard.

Currently, Tebrito uses this expanded range of options depending on their specific needs allowing them:

  • Set up farm process rules more flexible.
  • Save time performing administration tasks.
  • Simplify and streamline their insect production process.

Autogenerated Batch Name Adaptations

At Tebrito, batch names had Swedish language abbreviations based on the insect stage and a unique date format. The company decided that it would be best to minimize internal changes to their naming conventions to onboard their colleagues as fast as possible.


Cogastro launched a custom naming set-up dashboard, enabling companies to set up their own rules to autogenerate different stage batch names utilizing their unique and existing naming convention.

Insect management template
Autogenerated batch names options example


This allows companies to:

  • Maintain continuity by using the same batch naming that existed in the farm prior to using the software.
  • Easily change their naming conventions if necessary and as needed.