How Software as a Service offers Greater Flexibility for Insect Producers

Cogastro offers Software as a Service (SaaS) service model that allows insect producers to benefit from a high quality tailored software product that has more flexibility and cost effectiveness using a  pay-as-you-go-model. SaaS enables enterprises to scale the infrastructure up and down, resulting in dramatically reduced deployment times and outsource most of the IT duties, saving both time and cost of developing their own in-house solution. 

The question Cogastro often receives is: “How flexible is your system?”

Every company has its specific operating protocols that may vary in steps taken, frequency, multiple combinations, types of inputs and outputs and capacity; however, the main logic behind the business domains are similar. Thus, the business logic, with all the variations, are included into the design of the framework and transferred into the front and back end functionality of the application. 

For example, pilot insect farms might want to run their feed trial and compare the results while a large company seeks to observe the mass balance of feedstock consumption over a period of time and assure that feed conversations are not going beyond a set baseline. In both ways the same set of charting options will be required on the dashboard to achieve those goals. The tracking process for feed inputs, mixtures will remain the same and will be customizable.

On the back-end side, SaaS team thinks of how certain processes flow, including all possible variations. Is the formulae predefined or created on the go? Is it based on nutritional values that are estimated based on actual raw materials sampling or theoretical values? Is it possible to mix or doze the raw feed items that are out of stock? What if some raw feed item is missing in the stock and can not be inluded within a physical mixture but livestock must receive feed input? Do you want to be more flexible in how you deal with non-standard situations? On the back end the application is built to adjust to all the potential scenarios and process changes.

Overall, the software can help the user adapt to the situation at hand and help companies make better business decisions at critical times of their operations.

SaaS offerings are easy to use since they already come with best practices and samples. Users can do proof-of-concepts and test the software functionality or a new release feature in advance. Also, you can have more than one instance with different versions and do a smooth migration. Even for large environments, you can use SaaS offerings to test the software before buying.

Finally, the software offers the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with your ERP, and even other systems like CRM, invoicing, and possibly some add-ons.