We want insect producers to win

Cogastro is an insect farm management platform that fills the gaps and boosts productivity. 

By linking the data from insect and process to people, Cogastro enables a 10x faster path to much more performant, secure, and scalable monitoring of entire operations.

Our bet on the insect industry is quickly coming true. Agriculture is rapidly changing away from conventional to alternative forms of materials, and insect farms are storming ahead with more power than ever. Cogastro is built to cater to that movement, and in just a few years we’ve on-boarded multiple businesses, and are taking care of millions of insects daily around the globe.

A company is as strong as it’s team

Cogastro is a diverse group of incredible talent from all over the world. We’re 100% diverse in gender, nationalities and backgrounds.
The entire company works remotely and the HQ is based out of Vilnius, Lithuania. Our diversity and multicultural backgrounds and passion for the industry is what makes our company so unique. 

Happy to meet you

We like to talk and show what we do. Browse some recent articles, presentations and videos to get a feel for what we’re all about.

Aiste Masiuke

Senior BI Developer

She made the switch from corporate to start-up. Always excited to juggle through big data and loves to make sense out of it. The hardest algorithms are on her shoulders.

Patricija Kusinskaite

Quality Assurance and Support Manager

No bugs can escape her. In addition, she takes care of customers’ satisfaction and their wellbeing. 


Bruno Rassat

BI Developer

Plays a role not only by building a genius dashboard, but also investigating alternative approaches in using the data to support customers needs and advise the product team.

Adrianna Norng

Key Account Manager

Her wide experience in defense systems, accounting and large scale project management makes each and every sales process smooth and pleasant for our customers.

Marius Kaunietis

Senior Mobile Applications Developer

Cares deeply about user experiences and the accessibility of the technology. Marius is also a great help with internal processes management

Nouchka De Craene

Product manager

A biologist at the heart  and the jack of all trades. Her passion and knowledge in insect production shapes the product in the way that her industry colleagues would be getting the most out of it. 




Do you feel us? 

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