Exploring Options to Integrate with Cogastro

At Cogastro, we understand that integration is a critical aspect of your business operations. To cater to your unique needs, we offer a variety of integration options, which we’ve categorized into three types based on availability:

  1. Custom Integrations

Custom integrations are tailor-made solutions designed exclusively for your company. These integrations are ideal when your requirements are unique, and no other organization using the same vendor or interface needs a similar integration. With custom integrations, you get a personalized solution that perfectly aligns with your specific business processes.

2. Pre-built and Available Integrations

Our pre-built integrations are readily available to all our customers. These integrations are already part of our product and are accessible to you without any additional development. They are typically designed for widely used vendors and interfaces within the industry. This means you can benefit from seamless integration with the tools that are commonly used in the insect production sector.

  1. Future-Ready Integrations

At Cogastro, we stay ahead of industry trends by actively engaging with multiple insect production companies to understand their evolving needs. Through discovery and demo calls, we gain insights into potential future trends, identifying emerging vendors and interfaces that may gain popularity. When we anticipate such trends, we often proactively develop integrations, offering them at a cost-effective price or even for free. These integrations eventually become part of our pre-built offerings (as described in point two).

We recognize that integration questions are common, and we want to assist you in making informed decisions. To help you navigate the world of integrations effectively, we’ve created a comprehensive guide. It’s our pleasure to offer this valuable resource to you for FREE.

You can download our integration guide here.