New Feature Releases and Roadmap May 23, 2022

Today, you have an access to product version 9649, which means that so far, we have delivered 9649 releases. Each release consists of a group of features, improvements and change request implementations. We are excited to share what you can find in the latest version: 

Option to Label Batches

Allows you to sort and filter information based on stage, age, batch stage, stream, and unique labels assigned to the batch.

Customization of Settings

Enables you to adjust the view of both the mobile app fields, tasks and web application dashboard, option to adjust the view per role and control the display. 

An image iliustrates an example of fields and task options on Mealworm account. Black Soldier Flies and Cricket applications display have different settings. 

Compare and Track Production Data

Based on cycle age and the age within the stage – also gives more insights into productivity over time, the best times to harvest and an insect growth curve.

We use an agile approach, adjusting priorities based on customers’ requests  quarterly. It helps to devide the roadmap to quarter. Each quarter consist of biweekly “sprints”. These srpints results in new system upgrades. 

Upcoming releases will include:

In the near future, we will release a new KPI setting, which allows an option to define your baseline of critical metrics and variance analysis. This information can be exported through the standard user interface or it offers an option to integrate or pull data from a desired source into a third party system or another system using Cogastro API.

If you would like to learn more about the platform and how you can easily and efficiently onboard and start using Cogastro, please reach out at One of our reps will be in touch.