New Feature Releases and Roadmap July 28, 2022

Cogastro is excited to share some recent upgrades that will improve your experience and help save time in daily workflow and monitoring.

WEB Application

  • In addition to the existing tables with aggregated information display, we launched new tables to display data logs made through the app. One of the first tables that are now available displays entries logged through the Move to processing task. You can find it under the Performance page, Detail Action subpage.
  • In custom reports, it is now possible to analyze feed consumption by feedstock item name and feedstock item batch name. In tables, you will find information about the feedstock item batch name given to each insect stage instead of the feedstock item name.
  • Dry FCR (Dry feed kg/ Dry insect kg conversion rate) is added to insect stage tables and custom reports.
  • Dry feed kg/ Dry frass kg conversion is added to insect stage tables.
  • For the mealworm accounts, it is now possible to differentiate logged data about dry and wet feeds per batch in the insect stage tables.

Mobile Application

  • When placing a batch, the carry unit number is automatically prefilled after entering expected insect # /CU or insect weight/CU fields.
  • Batch placement is available within the harvest task after logging harvest information. You will no longer need to go from one task to another and can now perform both of them within the same screen.
  • Feed moisture sampling is moved to the feed registry page. We provided a UI upgrade and an additional display in the feed batch information cards. The app displays a pending feed sample if you need more than 24 hours to get your dry weight lab results.
  • If you manage multiple sites, check your facility name and user name on the main screen.

What’s next?

  • An option to analyze multiple performance measures of a particular insect batch, stage, or stream compared to the feed given at the larvae stage.
  • An option to evaluate the pupae weight moved into the reproduction unit compared to the egg weights collected from that reproduction unit for each day the pupae batch is in that reproductive unit.
  • An option to schedule tasks based on batch labels.
  • The release of insect and frass sampling UI upgrade to track pending samples.
  • Accommodation of additional workflows for breeding management (prepupae-pupae-fly). You will be able to register intermediate units (“dark cage”) and track prepupae batch movement into the “dark cage” and adult batch movement out the “dark cage” into the “love-cage”.
  • More system changes and upgrades.

The picture illustrates pending feed samples that await dry sample information of the selected feed batch.