New Feature Releases and Roadmap September 12, 2022

Cogastro is thrilled to unveil some recent upgrades that are set to revolutionize your insect farming experience. These new enhancements are designed to save you valuable time and simplify daily workflow and monitoring tasks, making insect farming more efficient and seamless than ever before.

Web Application Enhancements:

  1. Streamlined Data Logs Display
    Our web application now features new tables that display mobile application logs for various essential tasks, including Assign to stream, Separate adults, Transferring, Split batch, and Merge batch. These detailed logs provide you with real-time insights into task progress and performance. You can conveniently access these logs under the Performance page’s Detail Action subpage.

  2. Enhanced Custom Reports
    We’ve expanded the list of custom report metrics by adding the latest CUs # used (latest carry unit amount used) metric. This valuable addition gives you visibility into the actual units used for insect placement at any given time and selected time grouping options. Stay in control of your insect farming operations with more accurate and customizable reports.

  3. Improved Task Timestamps
    In the past task table, you can now view both the actual log times and the custom-selected log times for better task tracking. Easily identify when tasks were reported and executed, ensuring smooth coordination among team members.

  4. Deeper Insights with Custom Reports
    Our custom reports now offer the ability to compare eggs (g)/pupae kg loaded with pupae age in the cage and pupae age in the life cycle. This valuable data allows you to optimize breeding strategies and maximize production efficiency.

  5. Comprehensive Insect Stage Tables
    We’ve added the display of Dry insect weight (kg) and Dry frass weight (kg) measures to the insect stage tables. With these metrics, you can better monitor insect development and frass production, enabling data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.

  6. Improved Custom Report Editing
    After editing a custom report and saving the changes, you’ll now be redirected to the same place as before editing. This seamless experience ensures a smoother workflow when creating and modifying custom reports.

Mobile Application Updates:

  1. Enhanced Insect and Frass Sample Tracking
    Our mobile application now allows you to track pending insect and frass wet weight samples and update them with dry sample weights at any time. This feature simplifies sample management and ensures accurate data collection.

  2. Flexible Pupae Movement Tracking
    You now have multiple options to track pupae movement into dark cages and adults’ harvest from these cages, along with various other breeding step variations. Flexibility and accuracy in tracking breeding stages are now at your fingertips.

  3. Simplified Harvest Batching
    The option to make multiple harvests and group them into one batch is now available. This streamlines the harvesting process and provides better batch management control.

  4. Efficient Egg Collection
    We’ve introduced the option to collect eggs from multiple cages simultaneously and insert the number of collected eggs per group of cages. This convenient feature simplifies data entry and saves you time during the egg collection process.

At Cogastro, we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line solutions to elevate your insect farming experience. These latest software releases reflect our dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Unlock the full potential of your insect farming operations with Cogastro’s cutting-edge software upgrades. Start exploring the possibilities today!