Quality Control of Insect Production

Want to find out insights on how to keep your insect production optimized? 
Watch the on-demand webinar.

The insect industry is constantly expanding and competition growing. That is why it is crucial to ensure that insect production is predictable and stable. Finding points of improvement and bottlenecks in your production process is key for scaling and efficiency. 

Watch the webinar where  Nouchka De Craene, Product Manager at Cogastro shares her 8 years of experience knowledge about insect production quality control and how best to manage it.

You will get answers to:

What are key quality control points?

Why is it important to measure them?

When is the best time to measure control points?​

What key insights do they tell?

In the webinar video, you will see Black Soldier Flies quality control process examples, but the framework can be used for any insect production operation.

Additional support

Cogastro software can be integrated with any third-party equipment. However, if you still do not have your IoT infrastructure or hardware equipment in place, we can help you to do this together with our certified partner’s network.


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