State of Insect Production 2022

Insect production industry has a mission to fulfill and create and supply the markets with a sustainable protein source.

Companies like yours have made a lot of progress over the years. You have created safety standards, developed a new technology that has led to the advancement of new product applications, and are working to achieve consumer acceptance of insect-based products.

The insect industry is on the move!

From a very few players when Cogastro started, now we see new farms launching their operations to every continent in many countries. 

Being at the forefront of the market, Cogastro is often asked for details about the current state of the market.

Are you also interested to know how far you went over the years and what is the current market state? Do you seek to better identify and compare your development stage with other industry players?

In this regard, Cogastro started a new initiative. Every two years, we will organize a survey about the state of the insect production market globally from which all insect producers will benefit.

This anonymous survey will give all participants a clear understanding of where we are as a market and where this market will go. By contributing to this survey, you will receive a detailed report of the aggregated anonymous answers and a better understanding of the current state of an industry by 20th June 2022. 

We invite you to take part!

A high-level summary of the results related to quality control practices will be presented at the Insect to Feed the World conference on 16th June 2022. 

Disclaimer: Cogastro is committed to ensuring the highest data protection and security standards. Cogastro will not collect private information without your consent and has no right to share individual responses or personal information, as this would be considered a data breach.