Future Green Solutions

Case study: Future Green Solutions

The Customer

Future Green Solutions is an Australia based company that started farming in 2012 to upcycle low-value organic waste into high-value animal feed ingredients and agri-products for the aquaculture, pet feed and agricultural sectors. The company utilizes the Black Soldier Fly as the centre of the overall process and product.

Due to long years of experience and professional team, Future Green Solution has become one of the leading companies in the region and the industry. The company constantly innovates to maintain the highest business standards. Many of us know the company, and its CEO, Luke Wheat, due to their open and collaborative approach and helping other industry players to grow. 

To assure insect health, production quality and fast growth, Future Green Solutions felt the need to digitize their work. The Cogastro software was selected for its digital transformation and getting the right insights about the entire production cycle. Cogastro was customized according to the company’s needs to measure critical control points and identify discrepancies before issues arose.

“BSF farming requires the precise monitoring and control of environment and systems, coupled with the need to ensure high quality traceability across supply chains, processes and product – Cogastro was our solution.”
Luke Wheat, Managing Director at Future Green Solutions

Facilitating the latest company’s needs

Future Green Solutions monitored the environment in reproduction cages to spot deviations and assure optimal conditions. The environmental data was monitored on a third-party solution outside Cogastro. Future Green Solutions needed to make it more convenient not to juggle through multiple screens and keep production and environmental data in one location and access it from one dashboard. Moreover, the company wanted to make an advanced analysis and see the relation between crucial KPI’s and changes within the environment which is impossible without connecting both insect reproduction and environment variables.

The Solution

Cogastro fulfilled the request to integrate information collected through third-party software into the Cogastro platform. It allows for tracking changes of reproduction parameters under certain environmental conditions in one place, making decisions accordingly, and reacting to deviations quickly before it affects egg production. 


Asta Rugiene

Asta Rugiene