New Feature Releases and Roadmap November 24, 2022

We are thrilled to unveil the newest enhancements to the Cogastro software, designed to optimize your insect farming journey by saving time and improving daily workflow and monitoring processes.

Web Application Upgrades:

  1. Smarter Custom Reports
    Now, you have the option to observe the 5-day moving average of egg weight in custom reports. This feature provides deeper insights into egg development trends, aiding in more informed decision-making.

  2. Enhanced Data Clarity
    To offer a more comprehensive understanding of values and data, information icons with extended explanations have been added to each column in tables. This ensures clear and concise interpretation of crucial information.

  3. Detailed Sex Ratio Sampling
    We’ve introduced an additional table displaying detailed sex ratio sampling information. Stay informed about the gender distribution in your insect populations for better breeding management.

  4. Improved Insect and Feed Averages
    With the latest upgrades, custom reports now include averages of insect numbers and harvested insect numbers over time. Additionally, you can now observe averages of feed amounts given per batch and per carry unit over time, streamlining feeding strategies.

  5. Advanced Carry Unit Tracking
    To optimize insect placement decisions, custom reports now show the latest carry unit number used by the type of unit based on insect days in stage and days in the cycle at the current day.

Mobile Application Enhancements:

  1. Customized Batch Discarding
    The mobile application now offers the option to select a custom date and time when discarding a batch, enabling flexible and precise batch management.

  2. Effortless Label Transfer
    You can now transfer labels from existing to the next stage batch, simplifying the tracking of insect development through various stages.

  3. Streamlined Harvesting Process
    With the option to log total egg trap weight before and after placement, you can easily track harvested adult weights, optimizing your harvesting process.

  4. Improved Cage Weight Calculations
    The mobile application now allows you to add before-cage weight and after-cage weight to calculate harvested adults’ weight, ensuring accurate data for performance evaluation.

  5. Real-time Carry Unit Information
    During the harvesting task, you can now view weight per carry unit, providing real-time information for efficient management.

  6. Precise Egg Weight Tracking
    The mobile application now enables you to log and observe eggs and neonate weight in grams, ensuring accurate measurements for precise data analysis.

Unlock the power of Cogastro’s latest software upgrades and transform your insect farming operations. Embrace efficiency and precision – start using the enhanced features now!

 Your success is our priority at Cogastro!