New Feature Releases and Roadmap October 10, 2022

Cogastro is thrilled to announce the release of our recent software upgrades, specifically designed to elevate your insect farming experience. These exciting enhancements are aimed at streamlining your daily workflow, improving data monitoring, and ultimately saving you valuable time.

Web Application Upgrades:

  1. Expanded Information Dashboard
    Our web application now provides additional insights into crucial aspects of insect farming, including insect moisture samples, frass moisture samples, removing dead adults from cages, amounts assigned to different streams (production vs. breeding), pupation samples, and batch registrations. These comprehensive tables can be found under the performance page and primary information display subpage sections, giving you a 360-degree view of your farm’s performance.

  2. Enhanced Reproduction Unit Table
    The reproduction unit table has been enriched with the user’s name, allowing you to easily identify who collected eggs at a given time. This new feature improves accountability and facilitates team coordination within your insect farming operations.

Mobile Application Enhancements:

  1. Detailed Information Card
    Our mobile application now displays the names of adult units from which eggs were collected on the information card. This added information enhances data tracking and provides crucial insights into breeding performance.

  2. Flexible Pupae Placement Options We’ve introduced settings in the mobile application that enable you to choose whether to place pupae into dark cages or skip the dark cage step, moving pupae directly into the adult’s cage. This flexible option empowers you to customize your breeding process according to your farm’s specific needs.

  3. Personalized Feeding Tasks
    With the mobile application’s new settings, users can now select the feeds or feed ingredients they wish to see in the dropdown list during feeding tasks. This personalized feature streamlines the feeding process and ensures accurate record-keeping.

  4. Improved Insect Handling
    Our latest upgrade includes the option to place insects into the same bins from which they were harvested. This feature simplifies insect handling and maintains optimal environmental conditions, promoting better overall insect health.

  5. Seamless Egg Collection
    You can now place collected eggs into units directly from the same screen, making it a single, efficient task. This enhancement saves you time and streamlines your egg collection process.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the unique demands of insect farmers like you. These software releases represent our dedication to continuous improvement and delivering the best possible experience for our users.

Explore the new possibilities with Cogastro’s upgraded software today and revolutionize your insect farming operations. 

Your success is our priority at Cogastro!